Tuesday, September 12, 2006


........ is Steven back in his own bed again after a week in hospital.

Although we were very relieved to be in hospital last Tuesday with vomiting and a chest infection, it is good to be home again. I managed to dash home for an hour or so each day to collect post and clean clothes. As Steven still goes to the children's ward, I could stay with him. The facilities are very good for parents, a small kitchen with microwave and hot water for drinks, and a bathroom and shower room for parents use. I even got a proper bed to sleep in, usually I have to use a fold out bed.

Steven's new consulant, for Gastro-enterology, came to see him and is quite happy to treat him on the children's ward, as he says the facilities on the adult wards are not suitable for him and the staff would have difficulty coping.

I did a little knitting, mostly a bag in Rowan 'Country' which I'm hoping will be a Christmas present after felting, and some of my sock.

Good news from Fiona, her baby Seth has arrived, a week late but well worth the wait.


Emma said...

Welcome home Steven !
No matter how good the ward,home is always better. Hope Steven stays well. Fewer traumas,more knitting I say !

scarletprincess said...

I'm so glad he's home! Thankyou for the comments- Seth will have to come visit you once we're all in a routine!