Thursday, September 21, 2006


I actually managed to spend a morning in my wilderness of a garden, which was much needed. Hospital, weather and prior commitments have conspired against me recently. My robin reappeared in spruce new plumage and followed me closely for any tidbits I might turn up. He's been busy all summer, raising a family.

My grapes are starting to ripen, and I'm hoping they may be edible this year. A bit sour at the moment though.

Here are just some of my WIPs. I seem to be incapable of concentrating on one project at the moment and keep starting new things. It doesn't show the faroese shawl, jacket for myself, various half finished toys, etc.

And at last, Blogger has allowed me to show the wool I bought from Beatties Rowan sale on Saturday. 6 balls of 4ply soft, pure wool, for £8.10, not bad. There may be enough for a top for me, possibly with the addition of another colour.

I now going to try to publish this post for the third time. Blogger has wiped it out twice


scarletprincess said...

There certainly are some bargains to be had in beatties! Don't worry about your WIP list... mine makes yours look like a mere trifle- again because I get bored so easily atm and have even less time to crack on!

RooKnits said...

Hope everything is ok with you and Stephen as we haven't heard from you for a couple of weeks. I am hoping to make it to Beatties today. Hope to see you