Thursday, April 16, 2015

April Garden

I've delayed this post as things are changing rapidly in the garden at the moment. My two camellias are blooming well. This one is nearly finished.

This is a little later and still in full bloom.

The daffodils have done well but I really must plant more in the autumn. On the left the Peony is starting to grow. It should be in flower next month.

I am slowly clearing areas of the garden. This space was occupied by a large Buddleia which had self sown, loved by the butterflies but not by me so it had to go.and the space replanted.  

And, the frogs did arrive and produced lots of spawn which is now wriggling tadpoles.

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Daisy said...

Good plan to get the buddleia out sooner rather than later. When we moved into our house there was a buddleia level with the top of the roof because it hadn't been cut back in so long!