Thursday, October 22, 2009


Found a bargain today! Four balls of sock wool for £3.99, in Lidl. So I stocked up. It is the usual mix, 75% wool 25% nylon, rather dull colours but I have plenty of brighter ones in the stash.

My WIP at the moment is Mr. Greenjeans. The yarn, some Paton's Merino I got from House of Fraser sale in the summer, for half price; yes I'm a cheapskate, rarely buy anything at full price if I can get it for less. I would call the colour cranberry, I love the way it is knitting up and just hope it will fit when finished, I'm allowing a bit more ease than in the original pattern.

Things aren't improving much at home. My mother is still with me with little improvement in her back or mobility. Steven also had a week at home with a cold but is back at day care now. We had our flu jabs this morning and should be in the next round of swine flu jabs when the surgery gets them in.


Steph said...

It was a bargain wasn't it?! I resisted the sock yarn but bought the pompom yarn and variegated thicker scarf yarn too.

Littlelou said...

I got some sock wool too..its pretty thin compared to my usual stuff but hoping to get some xmas socks out of it for brother dearest

kenella said...

Hi, I see you have collected a lot of Carmen Castresana baby patterns. I have most of them that I bought in the 1950's.I lent one to a friend and never got it back! It was a jacket with a full skirt worked in columns of daisy type flowers and the bodice was laced with ribbon. Any ideas as to the pattern number or how to find these type of patterns? Dawn in Wales