Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well, I'm finally managing to update after a fairly traumatic few weeks. My mother, who is 92, has been suffering from backache for a while, and it suddenly worsened overnight and she could barely get out of bed. I got down to her house as soon as possible, she was seen by the GP and prescribed painkillers. It wasn't possible for me to stay overnight, so my sister came for a few days. When we could get her into a car, she came up to my house and has been here ever since.

A further visit from the doctor on Monday confirmed that she has a collapsed vertebra due to osteoporosis. We're supposed to go to hospital for an Xray, but she doesn't really feel like going at the moment as she can't walk far.
Some knitting has been attempted. I started this before the problems started.
My cousin loves this pattern, not sure why as she always has terrible problems with it and usually ends up frogging. This time I said I would do a KAL with her, big mistake. Hers has been frogged all ready, I'm still battling on.

The problem is that each row is different and it is useless to try to follow the pattern after the first few rows. You certainly need to be able to read your knitting for this one. I could do with some thing plain and soothing to knit at the moment. Like a sock. But I will not be defeated.

Each row, approx. 350 stitches, takes half an hour, but gradually the end is getting nearer.
Lastly a glimpse of my stand at the 1940s W/End which seems a lifetime ago.

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Anonymous said...

Love the chevron pattern baby coat. What is the make and number of the pattern?