Saturday, May 30, 2009


........ another long gap. I seem to have lost the blogging habit lately, sorry. Knitting has been happening and some projects are nearing completion.
As usual socks seem to be my most popular knit.
These are for myself, can't remember the yarn except that it is BFL.

and these are for Steven, Austermann Step I think.

I decided that, with Ravelry day rapidly approaching, I really ought to make something to wear. Beatties (HOF) had this in their sale at a ridiculously cheap price. Although it says 4ply, to me it is nearer to a DK.

 It said February Lady to me, so that is what I've made. I decided on short sleeves, well it is
 summer. Not sure how flattering it will be but at least I will have something knitted to wear that won't be too warm if we have a heat wave.

As you can see, everything is needing ends sewn in and blocking, but hopefully all will be done before too long.
I hope it won't be too long before I blog again, there may even be some photos of Ravelry Day!

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