Friday, September 05, 2008


No photos today as I'm busy getting ready for the 1940's weekend at Bantock House. I'm planning a display of 1940's knitting and a few other bits and pieces I've collected. I have quite a collection of books by Jane Koster and Margaret Murray and also found this site useful.
My mother is full of gloom and thinks no one will turn up because of the dreadful weather, but I'm remaining optimistic and at least I will be indoors.
I've just had a wasted journey to hospital with Steven. Apparently his appointment had been brought forward to the 3rd, but no one let me know. Next week we go to the wheelchair clinic, hopefully no hitches there.
Hope to have some photos next week.

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Steph said...

Hope it goes well at Bantock this weekend! I'll cross my fingers for some rain-free periods for you. :-)