Saturday, February 23, 2008

Socks Finished

The knee socks are finished. Here they are being modelled by Steven. His legs are very thin, so I hope they will fit around a normal child's calf.

I've been sorting through my stash for more suitable yarn for WW2 knitting and found this.......

...... fine lamb's wool but in rather dull colours. This came from Texere a couple of years ago when they were clearing old stock and gave it away free for the cost of postage. I'm sure not all the wartime knitting was done in such dismal colours, but for the troops it should be suitable.
I've started another Balaclava, this time with ear flaps, from a pattern from the V&A collection (which no longer seems available on line.) I found two strands of the lamb's wool gives a respectable 4ply. This is progress so far, greatly helped by a long morning at the local hospital acting as 'guinea pig' for Drs exams. This just involves my sitting knitting all morning and occasionally have young Drs examine my neck (thyroid problems.) There is also a free lunch and coffee. I got most of the ribbing done.

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Steph said...

Great socks! The hospital trip sounds like perfect knitting time. :-)