Sunday, April 22, 2007

Out with the old....... with the new, hopefully. Yes, tomorrow work is starting to replace this.......

with a brand new conservatory, twice the size, and rotproof!

The main problem I'm going to face is that my computer room is on the right and to get to it I shall have to take a flying leap from the kitchen door, in the centre, to the door on the right. I shall probably be faced with a large hole especially while the foundations are being dug. This means I may not be able to use the computer for a while. My washing machine is also in this area, so no washing will be done.

Now Steven is getting some respite care, I'm managing to get out more. Yesterday, my mother and I spent the afternoon at Wightwick Manor, a national trust property in Wolverhampton. It is a late Victorian house and a shrine to William Morris. Very OTT but somehow it works.

The gardens were not at their best, despite the early spring, as nothing much was flowering except the wisteria.

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RooKnits said...

But the Wisteria looks beautiful. Can you believe despite growing up in Wolverhampton I have never been to Wightwick Manor? Something I will have to rectify very soon I think! At least I will appreciate it now. Hope the building work goes ok.