Saturday, October 21, 2006


It's hard to believe, but Steven will be 20 tomorrow. We've nothing special planned as he wouldn't really appreciate it but he has a delicious chocolate cake to share with his friends on Monday.
As I type, he's getting great pleasure from watching the shadow of the leaves on the blind. (Sorry for the quality of the picture.)

We've had a busy week, flu jabs on Wednesday, and a meeting with social workers and other professionals on Thursday. Steven has to attend all meetings now he is deemed to be an adult.

Tuesday, we had our usual Knit Chat group meeting in Beatties. We're making blue squares for Knit a River at the moment. It was good to see Fiona, and baby Seth, who slept throughout.

Here are Yucca, Rose, Fiona, Pippa and Steph.

I've also managed to finish a project, socks in Regia Stretch. Just a simple toe-up pattern with short row toe and heel. The problem I find is getting a loose enough cast off. I tried several different methods, and finally used a picot edge loosely stitched down.


Kelly said...

Oh happy happy birthday, Steven!

RooKnits said...

Socks look fab! I think toe up should be my next challenge. Happy birthday Steven. Hope the chocolate cake was good