Monday, January 02, 2006


Happy New Year everyone. I've made one or two resolutions which are knitting related.......... maybe this year I will complete something for myself other than socks, and also complete projects which have been on the needles far too long. Chief among these is a throw knitted on Vivian Hoxbro Domino Technique.It is so nearly completed, just needing a few ends darning in and a suitable edging, and has actually been in use. It is knitted entirely in scrap yarn, the black coming from Texere's free offer a while ago.

Before Christmas I took the opportunity to visit the new Haberdashery/ Yarn department in House of Fraser ( Rackhams) Birmingham. Nothing very exciting but a fair selection of the usual, Rowan, Jaeger and Paton's.


Steph said...

The blanket looks fabulous! Really striking. :-)

HazelNutcluster said...

I'm still a bit of a 'bog-standard' knitter and so I'm really interested in these techniques I haven't learned (yet!) The blanket is lovely, well done. And Happy New Year to you too.

ass2006 said...

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